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The practices of Yoga are the key to an open mind and mindfull openess toward life and it's ways. Through hatha yoga we are able to observe ouselves on a more subtle level. Slowly we learn to discrimate between conditioned behaviour and freedom. We learn, that we are no victims if we choose not to be and that we hold the key to joy in our very hand. The practices of Yoga will eventually but inevetably change our perspective which opens the gates for liberation in this life, not in some far away place or time. With the words of Bhagavan Das: It's here now, are you?

music is something moving, the proof of the greek quote "panta rei - always flowing" and when the further ingredients are devotion and presence, something magic can happen, something that has been described by yogis as "ananda - bliss". this state is nothing far, fixed or framed. it is the state, when intuition, strength and spirit harmonise in the now. harmonies are the foundation of music - and so we come together to spontaniously experience, what the word itself actually describes: harmony (greek: armonia: to bring together; the union of opposites to one whole). so the greek root of the word, that describes the union of opposites is nothing other than something very familiar to us: yoga!

Mother Nature:: Live in consummate harmony with Nature, find God’s grace in the riches of the universe. Be blessed by God’s binding love. The mild morning sugars your spirits, The bright midday lightens your hearts. So the sweet music of the soul leads you to peace and abundance. And when the day’s duties are done, rest in the lap of Mother and find here the favor of all the gods. (Yajur Veda, 34.37)

petros yoga

Some people say it's authentic, light but challenging teaching that inspires them to be fully aware in the present moment. I try to remember this in my own teaching. So experience comes through intuition and not from a place of personal preference or dislikes. Returning to that place, where, independently from outer circumstance there always is peace: the pure light of the heart. There are many obstacles, yoga gives us the possibility to free ourselves from. So our true nature remains no longer hidden. We really are free, wild, full of love and joy – without conditioning, without fear. I am greatly thankful and find much gratitude for all teachers, known and unknown, I had the honour to study with and try to be conscious with all circumstance that gives us the chance to experience unity. To learn to accept the greatest of all teachers: Life. I live in Munich, Germany where I run two Jivamukti Yoga Schools since 2003 and give workshops, kirtans and retreats around the world. Summers I spends since 2001 mainly in my yoga-retreat "kretashala" at the southcoast of Crete. Born into a family of artists and musicians I'm a dedicated life long student of arts and music and play a variety of instruments. I have performed in countless concerts and festivals and have published music on several albums, most recent on petros&friends "embrace" in 2009.


petros teaching

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petros yoga

it's all about a vivid, honest feeling of being connected. listening, singing, dancing means resting in the lap of mother nature. there is no better way to feel this safe, sweet experience of oneness. and that's pretty much all there is to say for me. don't want to make it complicated. take it easy - trust your intuitive perception, and sing! it doesn't matter if it's a silent song within your heart or an aria, a lullabye or just the glimpse of some melody. there is only this language we all understand. (i remember my dog toto, going into deep "meditation" beneath my piano for years and years. that was his place to be.) where sound is, there we are. we are that!


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